Travelling opens your eyes

Created after a walk in a snow storm.

Go far away is not important. Going to a location that you have never seen before near your home is travelling too. Or going to a familiar location at the time of year that you have never been. You are opening yourself up to new experiences. For example, I we go camping in the same location every summer with family. However, I have never been there in winter. We decided that we would go there looking for an Xmas tree. Well, that was an eye opener. The beautiful wilderness was completely hidden by a blanket of snow and the landscape looked completely different.  It was a new world. A light snow was falling and it slowly turned into a swirling storm. This painting is the result.

2 Replies to “Travelling opens your eyes”

  1. Beautiful painting, Doris! I agree with your sentiments about travel., even though it is often difficult to get away. Your website looks great, by the way 🙂

    1. I agree that it is hard to get away. Getting away means loosing painting time. A balance has to be achieved. I do miss painting when I am away. What has been your favorite place?

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