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Quiet on the water Online class demo

Developing online classes has been one of my biggest challenges in the last year.  I had to learn new programs and develop some ‘tech’ skills.  I so missed my computer wiz son for help.  However, they do have to grow up and go away, get jobs and lives.  I actually took an online class on how to develop an online class….

I  developed a series for beginners or the ‘new to art’.  I already teach a ‘for beginners’ class at the University for the Education faculty so I am using a lot of what I developed for them as the basis of this series.  I started with watercolour.  I love watercolour and a lot of people do too.  These are simple, easy lessons that any beginner can do.  I added a couple of acrylic and collage.  These are all meant for beginners.  I also have two advanced courses; one on mixed media and another on ‘how to teach an art workshop’.

Developing them was a steep learning curve and I have enjoyed the process (sometimes).  The first videos look very amateurish to me now and I almost want to redo them.  Almost is the key word.  This whole process occurred over 7 months and I put most of them out lately.  I kept fine tuning and fine tuning until I got advice from another online instructor.  He said; Get them out there!  Then I did…..that was another learning curve…..

If you want to get started, time is what you need.  It will take more time than you think to get everything done.  If I had a bit of advice to give, it would be to take your own online class on how to develop an online class.  I followed mine step by step and it worked.

Here is an image from my new series on chalk pastels.   To find this series go to: or   In the search feature, put my name in and you should be able to find the class.

Sailing away Online class demo

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