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Creativity in everyday life — Side shows

Creative people love to create. That is a given. They see opportunities and ideas everywhere. We label these side shows. You have your main talent that you work regularly and then there are these little ideas that pop up out of nowhere- side shows. Do you act on these ideas or do let them go out to the universe. Practicality says you let them go because there is only so much time and these side shows use up some of that time. 

Do we let them go? NO! Many times we get caught up in these side shows. The new idea calls. It is exciting, different and a distraction when you get ‘blocked’ with your main work. Many of us, I would hasard to say, most of us, are easily convinced that these side shows will not ‘take much time’.

We love the excitement of the new and an opportunity to play. That is what these ‘side shows’ are. An opportunity to play. Creatives need to play once in a while because it allows our brains time to sort out problems in our main work.

We have a choice with side shows. Play with the idea while your brain sorts out your main problem then let it go or follow the idea through. I faced this problem lately. While my parents took turns being ill with long hospital stays over the last few years, I doodled drawings while they slept. My nervous energy needed an outlet. This led to my latest side show — a colouring book. 

I agonized for several months on wether I should do something with these drawings. I succombed to ‘don’t let the work go to waste’. I took the drawings and looked for ways to make them useful. I discovered Amazon. You can actually create a book yourself with all the resources provided by Amazon.

I downloaded my drawings to their program, added text, a title and a front page. The whole process did not take much time. This surprized me. A side show that was not sucking up all my creative time. Is that possible? NO!

I conveniently forgot the MARKETING. Once created, you do have to market the item. Groan! Now, I not only have to market my own artwork but also a colouring book. Will I never learn?

However, I have to admit that I enjoyed creating the side show. I am willing to pay the price. At least, for the moment, I am. 


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