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Mixed Media Collage Online Course

I created this class as an online introduction to the world of mixed media collage. This easy step-by-step guide will take you through the process of creating an artwork. All the materials used are explained in conversational terms that anyone can understand.

Your assignment is create your own mixed media collage painting. Your goal is to individualize the project. Making your piece unique is your goal.

By doing the project your will learn collage techniques, composition, and photo-transfer techniques to create a timeless unique painting.

This course is for anyone interested in creating artwork that is unique. Each piece created is different and totally personal.

Price for the Mixed Media Collage Course: $69 CAN
You can have the videos as long as you need them.

Here is a video that explains the class.

Teach your first adult art workshop

When I first started teaching art workshops, I did not know where to start. After several years, I developed a formula for creating great workshops. What you will learn is my formula and tricks to creating a great workshop. This is the course I wish I had had when I first started.

You will:

  • Learn all about how to plan and organize your own art workshop.
  • Get examples of reliable techniques for great results for your students.
  • You will discover the theory and best practices for real life classroom management.
  • Develop methods for teaching that have been proven to lead to a satisfactory results.

The course will take one or more days to complete. The step by step lessons provide a structure for getting the workshop organized. A basic lesson plan format is provided. Anyone interested in teaching an art workshop can take this class.

Price for the Teach your first Adult art workshop Course: $69 CAN
You can have the videos as long as you need them.

Teach your first adult art workshop. Here is a video that outlines what you will learn in this course: