Last show of the year

2019Last show of the year at High Level DinerFor the month of December, 2019, my work is for show and sale at the High Level Diner in Edmonton.  The Diner is also on the top 10 list of places to eat in Edmonton. I can vouch for it.  The food is good there. 
High Level Diner   10912 88 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB (780) 433-0993

Women’s art museumWAM – 200, 8627 91 St, Edmonton, AB T6C 3N1    (780) 803-2016This has been a busy year for shows.  My art collective Devenir also showed at the Women’s Art Museum.  This is a little known venue that is a gem. This museum collects and shows the work of women in Canada.  Don’t hesitate to contact them.  They are interested in all kinds of artwork done by women.Here we are at the Women’s art museum with the director- Daniele Labrie

Quite a bit happened this fall.  I sold the following piece!!! Yahoo.  Also the 30 day challenge led to some sales too.  The main goal of the 30 day challenge was to experiment with new media and have some fun painting.  Check out my pieces on my facebook page or on instagram. 

I continue to teach locally and online.  My online classes are growing so check them out:

Since this is the last month of the year, I want to wish you a HAPPY HOLIDAYS.  May the holidays bring you lots of chocolate and great visits with friends and family.  

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