Take those holidays

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Acrylic painting. Part of “Untouched” series.

Take those holidays!

Holidays are a time to let go of working hard on your art and letting your mind shuffle around those ideas.  My best ideas have come after a holiday. Now there are different kinds of holidays; holidays where you travel somewhere interesting, holidays may be visiting local sites that you haven’t seen for a while, holidays might be going for a long walk (or run), holidays might be going to a movie you have wanted to see for a while or holidays might be staying home to have an afternoon nap.

Down time is another name for a holiday.  As artists, we focus intently on what we are doing when we work.  Day after day, we focus and work. Then suddenly, all the inspiration disappears and we panic.  We ask ourselves if have lost our creativity but mostly it is a sign of being tired or burnt out.  This is when we need to take care of ourselves.

Fawcett Lake Sunset

Holidays are a way of taking care of ourselves. So don’t be afraid of taking time to look at the sunset or take your favorite hike.  Your mind will still be working, sorting out your creative ideas while you enjoy the sites.

Another way to take a holiday is to take a painting holiday.  There are hundreds of sites out there offering ideas for you at different price points.  Check out my friend who offers tours for artists http://www.karinrichter.com/The%20Artist.htm  or newspaper articles like this one:  https://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/tours/five-of-the-best-painting-holidays-/  .

Take a road trip!

Some artists take artist ‘residencies’ where they can continue creating but in a different location.  Would you like to go make art in Spain or Thailand? Some residencies offer free lodging or others charge a fee.  There are sites that offer residencies of all kinds at:
http://www.residencyunlimited.org. This is just one of many sites that you can check out.  

The whole idea is that holidays is a change of scenery that can inspire you to new and better ideas. Don’t be afraid to take those holidays.  And, most of all, they are fun!


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All photography and artwork by Doris Charest

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