Creativity in everyday life – One thing I learnt by doing art

One thing I learnt by doing art

Art has enriched my life in many ways. Surprisingly, I learnt patience to do my art as it should be done.

Patience.  Making art takes time and contrary to popular belief, it is not a one-step process.  One of my students told me: ‘I want it done right away and I want it to look good right away.’  This does not happen 99.9% of the time.  In painting, you need to layer colors, experiment with what color goes well with another, reposition shapes and even start over. Building your image slowly with many layers gives the subject more subtle variations in color and a more interesting look.  It is well worth the time to layer colors just for the beauty of the nuances.  Sculpture is much the same.  You build slowly, making small adjustments to the shapes in order to have just the right angle or look. 

    It takes time to develop as an artist and patience is a very important trait for an artist to have.  Who wants to wait for this to happen?  It goes beyond that.  We learn perseverance and fortitude with patience. Discipline in doing our work to helps move us in a positive direction.  Concentration shows strength of mind.   Patience enables us to develop, grow, and mature in our work as an artist.  Without patience, none of this could happen.  For more help, check out this blog:

   At times it may seem like you are not improving with your work, like nothing is happening, but there really is something happening.  You are making decisions. Taking little steps towards finishing brings greater rewards.  Working through the process takes patience and time.  Those who don’t want to bother with making that commitment to persevere through these difficult stages will not easily have productive results, if any.  Check out my class on ‘A creative lifestyle’ for ideas.  I include time saving ideas in the class.  

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