Creativity in everyday life – Bad days

Creativity in everyday life — Bad days

When things don’t go as you wish

Whenever things don’t go as you wish, do you throw a tantrum? Yell and scream?

What to do when you are having a bad art day.

Curse? No, but you want to? Well, I can relate. The urge to react strongly is very strong and often I want to. But, I only do this in private or in my head. I am, after all, an example to others. I want to be a classy artist not a childish, tantrum yeller kind of artist.

Pyschologically, that is not a good thing to do, according to the psychology books. You should let your frustrations out. Hence, the private tantrum. Otherwise, not letting that frustration out leads to internal reactions like tight muscles, upset stomachs or headaches. What artist wants those? They get in the way of creative moments and making your work.

How can you let that tension go? Here are some ideas for you to try:

1. Lay out some tissue paper on large plastic sheets. Dilute some acrylic paint in your favorite colours. Splatter, paint with bold marks and drip.

2. Lay out some sketchbook paper. You can tape it down if need be. Take the dictionary and open it randomly. Take your finger and point to a word randomly. Paint that word. Repeat this over and over.

3. Lay out large pieces of white paper. Take a 6 in brush and some house paint in different colours. Paint bold movements as you walk around the paper. If you need to, add a broom handle to your brush handle with some duct tape so that you don’t have to bend so much.

In no time, you will feel better. You will also have some great papers to use as backgrounds or as collage for your future work. You now have painted away your frustrations. Life is good again.

I hope this helps you.

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