Creativity in Everyday Life – Enabling your creative side

Creativity in everyday life

Enabling your creative side – getting started.

Creativity is not limited to just writing, singing, playing an instrument, painting or acting in a play.  Creativity can be everywhere and in your daily actions.  For many years, I didn’t have the time to paint (my creative moment) and I felt the tug of that creative ‘making’ of things that were out of my own imagination.  Slowly, I realized that you can be creative in little simple ways that make you feel like you are making a difference and exploring your creative side.

Sunflowers in the wind.  8 x 10 in.   by Doris Charest

In this series, I will discuss different ways that you can be creative on a limited amount of time.  I will guide you through recreating other parts of your life and your home so that little touches are added that use your creative side and, on the side, get you started with your own art practice and become your creativity coach.  Coach may be too strong a word.  I prefer friend.   Each blog will give you steps you can take to create your own ‘art space’ and adding touches in your life that will change your approach and lead you to a more creative life. Everyday life is busy but adding touches of creativity into each day will make you happier (at least that is what happened to me) and lead you to a more creative path in your life. 

While you may have a job, children that need your time, a house to take care of, a lawn to mow and sick family to visit, you can still tap into your creative self.  Instead of spending hours creating, you use the time that you do have.  This may be anywhere from a minute or two to as many hours that you have.  When managing a lot of different activities in a day, you may only have minutes.  Starting small is fine.  This step involves making a list.  This is the list you will refer to when you start feeling you forgot what you were aiming for.

First, you decide which part of your life you will want to expand and add some creative touches.  For example, if you want to add extra creative touches when you are cooking.  Decide what you will do?  Do you want to increase the flavors? Do you want the food to look better? Present the food in a better light?  Do you want to increase the quantity? Write down what you want to do. List 3 areas you want to work on.  This is a good start.  Do not list anything that takes hours or days to accomplish.  Stick to items that can be done in a short amount of time.   Start by:

1.Area of creative expansion (what you want to change) -for example; you want to start drawing again

  1. List ways you can do this — for example; you can go to life drawing class, spend 15 min. a day drawing what is in front of you, join a course on drawing (this is a commitment since you have to pay for it and will probably go), or draw your children when they take their naps.
  2. Start time — give yourself a deadline. Today is best. 
  3. Done — for example; List how many drawings you will do. When you are done, check them off. 

Writing goals down leads to a commitment.  This is a basic start for what you want to do.  Remember to be flexible.  Sometimes, you write something down but as your mind sorts ideas, even better ideas come to you.  If you really want to step up the game, show your list or give your list to a friend then ask him/her to keep you accountable.

Remember: Do not start big. Start changing small things.  All big projects start with the details.  A multitude of small details lead to the big project. All this will lead you to being an artist with your own vision.  The next installment is about starting small in everyday life with cooking.  Cooking is a big part of our everyday activities and a good place to start.   

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