Creativity in everyday life — Ideas don’t happen in a vacuum

Creativity in everyday life — Ideas don’t happen in a vacuum

Ideas don’t happen in a vacuum

Read about art, look at other people’s artwork and walk in nature. Don’t be stuck to your studio.

Prime your subconscious to receive great ideas. Read about the topic you want to paint, if that is what you want. Read about artists that create what you want to create- or close to what you want to create. Try a new search engine when you are researching, to see if it makes a difference. Here is a good article by Chuck Price on other search engines:

Write down your ideas without thinking. All the wild ones included….brainstorming. This is where your sketchbook comes in. You can practice your ideas this way.

Step back afterwards and find the gems. Use those ideas in your practice.

Observe people, observe what is around you, observe patterns or designs around you or just feel the air around you and the sounds. This may sound a bit extreme but it isn’t. Start with just two minutes of looking. What do you see that you didn’t notice before? The color is different at the time of day or are the shadows longer or this is the time the ladybugs come out? There is always one thing that I had not noticed before. This is a fun exercise. Don’t be afraid to try it.

Ask yourself, what if? What if I made this or that a different color? What if this had a different texture? What if I used x product to create this effect? What brush could make this effect better or faster?

What is the best ‘eye catching’ idea. Write down as many different ideas as you can then pick the best one. Not all our ideas are perfect or great. Some are just OK but with a few tweaks, get better but some are downright bad. Sometimes mixing up two ideas makes one great idea. Consider this when you look at your work.

We do not create perfect work every day and every time. That is what we have to remember. Some pieces are just practice pieces for the great ones. Here is a good article by Jeanne Oliver on Artist Network about prompts you can use to get ideas flowing.These prompts are really fun and unique. 

Once you have an idea, don’t overly perfect it. Just do it. Put it out there and then collect ideas to make it better.

Most of all, allow time to let the ideas you do choose to develop. Don’t rush into creating what you have. Slowly, work out the details in your sketchbook or in your head then start. Jumping in too quickly can lead to false starts, just like in sports. You will need to start again.

This is advice that I give myself whenever I start with new ideas. I hope it helps you too.

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